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Lousy craftsmanship, broken hardware and bad support. Two months after first delivery, kraft maid still cannot get it right. Stay away from kraftmaid. Lousy company. Never again. Read more

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KraftMaid - Poor workmanship - wood finishing
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Spent gazillions of dollars for the natural cherry wood product, supposedly with a lifetime warranty. Called to have drawer front replaced because of very ugly striping in the natural wood, and I was told the product is not longer being manufactured. According to the customer service representative, who told me if they still made the product he would send out a new one, but because they do not manufacture it any longer, it is not supported. ... Read more

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Ordered a bathroom vanity plus molding strips to make mirror frame through local Lowe's store. After 4.5 weeks it finally arrives with a call from lowes associate stating the mirror molding and toe kick face were damaged and reorder delivery will take another 10-12 days. Unacceptable. So i proceeded to retrieve the vanity cabinet itself, only to find it too was poorly packed and damaged during shipment. Lowes associate tried to work with... Read more

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I ordered 12,000.00 worth of Kitchen Cabinets from a supplier of Kraft Maid Cabinets. The cabinets were installed by a licensed contractor, after about 3 weeks I noticed that the paint was peeling on the corner molding under the cook top counter, and on the side panels of the base cabinets. When I would touch the peeling it would just come right off like it had nothing to stick to. I contacted the company I purchased the cabinets and they... Read more

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KraftMaid Furniture and Decor complaint 168172
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This photo shows the color match up of my island cabinet. Way off

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We have purchased over $8000.00 worth of kitchen cabinets. Upon arrival several of the doors are dinged and the upper corners have rub marks from the way they were installed at the manufacturer. Several of the corner cuts on the doors have wide gaps to the extent the rubber stopper will not stay in. I have contacted HD and they immedately contacted their sales rep. I had originally sent Kraftmaid an email and had no response. Their sales rep... Read more

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I purchased and installed entire kitchen with Kraftmaid cabinets. The originals had to have several doors replaced as they had noticeable defects. Later, I discovered the doors on the "pantry cabinets" were not fitting properly, so I tried to adjust the hinges, but discovered that was not possible. As I discovered, the cabinets are out of square as they were cut wrong in the factory. I then tried to get replacements, but the company I... Read more

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KraftMaid - Poor Quality Control
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We ordered our bath cabinets April 4th 2016. They were delivered the end of May. When we opened the cartons, one of the linen cabinets had a scuff and nick out of the side that would be next to our vanity. The packaging was not damaged, so it had to have been damaged before it was boxed and shipped. Also, both doors on the linen cabinets(we bought two) had stain build up on them and one had a black mark in the middle of the door. We called Home... Read more

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For the second time I need the door replaced in the cabinets in my bathroom. It is flaking off and Kraftmaid sent a representative to inspect the issue. He had an attitude. It was my fault that they were failing because, their tests show that this happened because of humidity and because my bathroom had no fan they blamed me. That's BS... I bath a few times a week but live alone and have the door open when I do. The window is usually part... Read more

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Tilt out trays will be field installed unless otherwise spesified. This issue is sales person error.

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