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I just purchased a $20K Kraftmaid kitchen from Lowe's. The Lowe's Kraftmaid demo shows interlock construction on the pantry slide-outs and all-metal construction.

Same all-metal constuction construction with the interlock design slide out drawers. Here is what was delivered for pantry slide-outs: cheap non-interlock construction drawers (stapled) with plastic mounting hardware that has already broken. Here is what was delivered for drawers: interlock construction BUT...plastic back mounting hardware that already shifts 1/4". Add a few years of plastic fatigue and this $20K investment is toast!

I am very pissed off at Lowes for the "bait & switch" demo. I am insisting on a complete rework of pantry and drawer hardware or this *** is gone!

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I am a KraftMaid dealer in Virginia and I am certain I can help you understand what is what. Most of your information is not accurate and I may be able to help you understand exactly what you did get from Lowes. I am sorry you aren't happy (yet)but I know with a couple brief exchanges, we can get you where you want to be.

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