Ordered Kraftmaid cabinets from Lowes. Lowes sucked at communicating the options we insisted on.

Kraftmaid delivered piecemeal and now we are unable to rebuild our kitchen due to missing and damaged goods. We have no kitchen at the moment, and at this rate, it will be at least another month before we have it. Neither Lowes nor Kraftmaid show the slightest concern over our predicament. Most pieces are scratched or damaged in some minor way which we may be willing to live with.

Overall, however, I would most adamantly insist on purchasing anything that ISNT Kraftmaid. Poor quality, poor customer support, piecemeal delivery, so much damage.....

Monetary Loss: $16000.

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I love my Kraftmaid kitchen. Bought and installed in 2008 and it looks every bit as perfect ten years later in 2018.

Durable and easy to care for. I have the pillow style thermofoil doors in stainless metallic and I always receive compliments on how unique they are.


Will be adding my own horror stories when my kraftmaid disaster is finally over.


Big mistake buying from Lowe's or Home Depot for that matter.


To Unbelievable; seen this happen hundreds of times working as a field tech for Krapmaid. The only real complaint you should have with LOWES is their response that "they never saw this happen before" which is total BS when it comes to Kraftmaid.

You need to contact someone at Kraftmaids customer service and find out what the hold up is on getting one of their reps out to you asap. As for the damages on this order Kraftmaid is responsible for all service issues on their products as this the common agreement with these big box retailers. You may also note that the boxes are in fair shape and that some of these pieces were packaged the way you see them now, so blaming it all on the delivery guys isn't really fair at all. Most of these issues come about due to lack of quality control at the plants and the fact that this company has no regard for the installation contractor who has to bear the burden of lost time and money on their projects.

PS: bet the company rep.

and the execs. over at Kraftmaid get their bonuses and commissions on time!


I'm a contractor that is trying to get a Krapmade kitchen installed for a friend who purchased it from Lowes. First of all the fact that they expect to be paid 100% for the kitchen sight unseen just because it a custom order is crazy and really just gives the customer no leverage when things go bad.

Anyways the kitchen was paid for and ordered, great, everybody's happy until delivery day, the truck shows up already with unhappy movers because they are overworked and underpaid and its the 3rd delivery already with 4 more to go so they don't give a rats *** about your $25,000.00 investment, so needless to say the crashing and banging starts.

then you start opening boxes that did get into the house appearing to be undamaged by the movers only to find fridge gables cracked, microwave cabinet scratched beadboard corners smashed and on and on, oh and lowes answer is we have never seen anything like this before but we will get a hold of a Krapmade rep and they will come to see the damage and assess the problems but until then we cant reorder anything, well that was a week ago, and today is the day we are supposed get to get a call from the rep to confirm when they are coming.

If you haven't got the idea yet, don't buy a Krapmade kitchen and keep your money out of the Lowes cash register. :upset


My kitchen rocks! Kaffe colored square panel with a wine rack, silk glass and custom crown.

The wine rack is a good one too.

Properly framed. Gotta be the best kitchen on the block.




To Happy Kraftmaid Customer, Happy ot, Contractor in Utah, Vanity Buyer and woodworker seems to me you are all the same person blogging on these different complaints. All your comments were sent within the same time period but you used a different name on each.

Guess you thought nobody would notice your cheap little game to give Kraftmaid a good word. My guess is you are probably one of their cabinet reps who makes commission off this *** and you're trying to BS everyone into believing these complaints are bogus. This little ploy is just as deceptive as the way they market this junk, no doubt Kraftmaid put you up to this.

I can't believe anyone would think the consumer is this dumb.

This must be Kraftmaids new marketing strategy make crappy product and call customer *** for complaining and then tell them to have a nice day. GOTCHA!!!!


We did a cottage style door, and we love our cozy kitchen. My husband was very impressed with their drawers! Sorry to hear you had problems.


We love our KraftMaid kitchen. We decided to use the cottage style door, and it's really cozy.

We DID buy from a private dealer, not a big box store. :grin

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