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I have just finished reading all of the reviews on your site for Kraftmaid (aka: Krapmade)cabinets and cannot help but be astounded at the naivety of the group as a whole.They speak of these cabinets as "high end" cabinets, yet they bought them as stock cabinets at Lowes and Home Depot.

Hello, stock cabinets from giant home centers are NOT high end cabinets and never could be. Their expectations are completely unreasonable. That is like expecting beautifully made furniture at Marlos or couture gowns at Walmart.

Wake up people; there are quality products all around you but you will never find them at the mass retailers.

Real quality products require time and manpower to produce and require some real investment.

These people got what they paid for.


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You think that's Lifetime Warranty?!!!! You must have only read the title.


I bought $2900 worth of Crapmaid cabinets for my bathroom, the medicine cabinet came in bad condition that was not able to be seen until they were installed and in decent lighting, now they will not back their product. Where do I go to report this company?


As a professional woodworker and cabinetmaker, I can safely say that for 21K, you can have a quality custom kitchen built to AWI premium grade standards by a LOCAL Craftsperson.Instead of bigbox particleboard cabinet, try supporting local business.

I live in a town of 80K people, there are three custom woodworking shops with 6-10 employees each.Friends don't let friends buy particleboard.


The line between semi custom and custom cabinetry is being blurred.It's easy to be misled into thinking semi custom cabinets are the same as custom cabinets because you can "customize" by upgrading to various options on semi custom lines.

It would lead you to believe that you now have a custom cabinet. That is not the case. Semi custom cabinets can only be made to fit certain design and size parameters.

They are typically ordered from a catalog of predetermined sizes and styles.You typically have to pay extra once you stray from the "standards." Maybe now you understand.


They fall off the wall cause of a crapy install, its not the cabinet. And there is in between its called semi-custom


I agree with Heather the cabinets are made to order and depending where you live they could come a long way and change different hands from truck to truck, and they are semi-custom not stock, their customer service is great and they do make it right and fix the issues, so whats the problem? They have lifetime warranty so why you ***? Think some ppl just like to complain, I have them in my house and love them.


This is where our current culture has gone completely WRONG. Spending this much money on cabinets, they should not be considered "disposable." One should "expect" a company that calls its product "custom" and asks thousands of dollars for its product to give one material of a quality enough to stay on the wall!


Our cabinets are about 4 years old and are coming apart at the seams.Our contractor, who was reputable and conscientious, installed the back of the cabinets firmly to the walls and to the wall beams.

The cheap material of the cabinets themselves and how badly they are joined at the seams, in particular, are the clear reason they are falling apart.

I wish we had spent more and gotten better product.

As to your comment, while I did not expect the cabinets to be the highest quality craftsmanship on the outside, I should have been able to expect them not to fall off apart and off the wall in less than five years.Kitchen cabinetry should not be considered disposable.


stock is stock and custom is custom. there is no in between


I ordered a whole large kitchen full of Kraftmaid cabinets and bathroom vanities.Frankly, they were perfect and very nicely installed.

I'm a very picky guy, no connection with Kraftmaid and honestly was surprised that so many on this site had problems.

Good luck to everyone!

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